Meet Salad Cat, the coolest memecoin on Solana.

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Lucky Numbers NFTs Collection

When luck joins in the game, cleverness scores double

Salad Cat Coin team presents you :

An original and unique idea in the world of NFTs :

This is the first kind of NFT project on the blockchain space that combines a lucky number with an exceptional lucky charm to bring you protection, fortune and good luck.


Luck is when opportunity knocks and you answer


  • Get paid weekly with $SLCAT by holding your lucky number NFT
  • Get an exclusive  VIP role and channel on Discord with a lot of giveaways and rewards.
  • Get a free NFT from the coming  PFP collection by minting your lucky number.
  • And many other features. Mint one it will unleash your luck.

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About SLCAT !

Salad Cat ($SLCAT) is a Solana-powered memecoin aimed to be owned and driven by a community. It aspires to become one of the biggest meme coin in the crypto space by bringing together cat and meme lovers and helping to build the Solana community by onboarding new people through fun and enjoyment.

Salad Cat aims to create a sustainable, profitable, transparent, and safe environment for Salad Cat lovers.

We also like dog memes (great job, doggie), but it’s time to make room for the cats at the table with Salad Cat, and show them some love. So, are you team dog or cat ?

$SLCAT   #saladcatcoin




Don’t gamble on pumps, come build a rocket!


Why Salad Cat ?

Memecoin investments are diluted in several projects, and many of them are ephemeral or just scams., we launched salad cat coin to add real value to the memecoin world by combining the power of memes with real utility and charitability, thanks in part to the speed, efficiency, and scalability of the Solana Network.



Salad Cat’s meme culture is strong. We wanted to go with something many people are familiar with, so we chose this hilarious cat whose facial expressions when looking at a salad plate snowballed into a viral meme. Memes appeal to everybody, and we firmly believe that a person who buys memecoin does not only do it to get a return on investment, but also to participate in the phenomenon, fund charities, while doing something useful and pleasant. 

Salad Cat Coin


Our utility roadmap gives us solid fundamentals. Salad Cat coin is going to play a very core role in several utility projects being developed :

We strive to help create a world where almost everyone is exposed to cryptocurrencies and blockchain in one form or another. To achieve this, we want to make blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies better known in the countries of North Africa (the origin of this project – Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya), these countries which share the same language and the same great culture but are very behind compared to the rest of the world and even compared to the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa concerning crypto adoption.

We plan to create an academy with the goal of helping people in this country to learn, and appeal to get them more familiar with cryptocurrency and blockchain. This will be a launchpad for more technical projects.

Our largest project is the development of NFT marketplace That allows artists and users from these countries to create and buy/auction their own NFTs.


Blockchain tech and cryptocurrency are good only if they make life easier for us and contribute to the world being a better place. This is why charitability is a very core part of what Salad Cat is. Salad Cat is a fun meme with a serious mission to rescue cats in need, but not only that, we also want to help provide crypto donation solutions for a charity ecosystem to fundraise cryptocurrencies, be found by crypto donors, receive funds instantly, and become part of a network of crypto media partners to support their missions.13 % of our max supply will be dedicated to rescuing cats,  other animals in general, and for any charity foundation that will be part of our partner network. We will carry out these donations over three years. We will continuously update the donation section of the website and our social networks with the latest donation news and partnerships to come.



We encourage open communication and believe trust, transparency, and community are the basis for building longevity.

For this trip, the community decides everything. You are the motivation for Salad Cat to continue to progress and develop more.

We will listen to the community, improve the project according to their suggestions, and reward active members for their dedication and added value.

We want to play in the big leagues and combine the useful with the pleasant. We will persevere to be here for the next bull market and the next bitcoin halving with a bigger and stronger community. The project will be led and put forward by its community.

 Let’s take our friend Salad Cat to infinity and beyond.


Token Name : Salad Cat Coin

Token Symbol : SLCAT

Network : Solana

  • Fibonacci Sequence is our  Max supply :12,358,132,134 $SLCAT
  • We will  Burn the Golden Ratio : 1,618,033,988  $SLCAT(13%) over 2 events


13% charity and donation : 1.618 billion $ SLCAT will be reserved for Save and Protect Cats and Kittens and making the world a better place through charitable initiatives. (Achieve gradually over 3 years.)


22% liquidity : 2.649 billion $ SLCAT will be made available as supply of liquidity into pools to make it very easy for people to buy and sell.

This will provide ease and accessibility to people who will trade and swap

$SLCAT tokens on DEXs / CEXs (e.g., Dexlab, Raydium).

Staking rewards

13% staking rewards : There will be 1.618 billion $ SLCAT available as rewards for those who provide their tokens for staking. Decentralized exchanges need to have a high supply of Salad Cat coin. To facilitate effective trades, users will be able to stake their SLCAT. Those who stake their tokens will be earning from this allocated Salad Cat reward pool. The higher the staking amount, the higher the reward the user receives. (Coming soon.)

Circulating supply have been allotted for different purposes:


13% marketing : The amount of $ SLCAT to be reserved for promotions and marketing is 1.618 billion, to gain visibility and recognizability. This would be used also to foster bridges between different communities, projects, and established companies that would be involved with Salad Cat Coin in the future.


13% Airdrop and giveaways : A total of 1.618 billion$ SLCAT will be freely given to Solana ecosystem and as a reward to the active members of our community.

Core team

10% Core team and 3% future development : The team’s allocation will be unlocked over the course of 20 months (0.5% per month).

Moon Road

Phase 1 - Birth


  • Salad Cat is born √
  • Social media channels √
  • Website and branding √
  • Marketing push on social networks to spread awareness √
  • 2000 Telegram members √
  • Airdrop for community √
  • First token burn
  • DEX listing √
Phase 2 – Crawl
  • Video conference on Telegram and Discord after reaching the 100k market cap.
  • Influencer marketing push.
  • Listing on CoinG
  • Listing on coin market cap.
  • 5,000 Telegram members. √
  • 5,000 holders.
  • Airdrop for coin holders
  • Third party audit.
  • Charity partnership and donations.
    Phase 3 - Walk
    • Expansion into other markets(Chinese…)
    • 20,000 holders
    • 20,000 Telegram members
    • Air drop, giveaways, and contests
    • Large influencer marketing push
    • Create salad cat DEX
    • Initial CEX listing
    Phase 4 - Run
    • Website redesign
    • 150,000 holders
    • Increase marketing to gain visibility and recognizability; we want to create, in collaboration with Tiktok, Instagram and Twitter influencers, a viral promotion of Salad Cat.
    • Second token burn celebration
    • More charity partnerships and donations
    • Staking function for holders
    Phase 5 - Jump
    • 300,000 holders
    • New crypto utility
    • Release NFT market place, NFT collection
    • Giveaway
    • Memes Everywhere.
    • More CEX listing
    • More partnerships
    Phase 6 - Moon
    • Update the moon road
    • Tier 1 CEX listing
    • Donate to help build animal sanctuary
    • Create an academy  in North Africa with the goal of helping people in this country to learn, and appeal to get them more familiar with Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

    Charity Partners

    We will continuously update the donation section with the latest donation news and partnerships to come.

    As a community-powered project,Salad Cat Coin runs thanks to its amazing volunteers and generous donors. If you would like to pitch in, use the official Solana (spl token) donation wallet here :


    Our Team

    Feki Ghanem


    Rekik Dhia

    Web Developer

    Elleuch Said

    Graphic/interior Designer

    How To Buy ?

    1. Convert funds to (USDC) on a centralized exchange (Coinbase, Binance, FTX, Kraken, etc.) or decentralized exchange (Raydium, Orca)
    2. Create a Solana wallet. We recommend Phantom.
    3. Send your USDC to your wallet address.
    4. On any site, click the button in the top-right to ‘connect’ your wallet
    5. For easy swapping, we recommend using Raydium.( No transaction tax applied )
    6. for trading Head to DEXLAB or Raydium exchange.
    7. Now you can easily exchange your $USDC for $SLCAT. Please remember to leave a small amount of SOL for transaction fees.

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